Technology has made our life very easy. Gadgets like mobile and television have helped us in multiple ways. The smart phone has become such an important part of our life that, we can’t live without it even for an hour. But every good thing has pros and cons with it.

Unfortunately the overuse of gadgets has become a big addiction. Over the years the use has brought huge dependence to every age group. Children are no exception. Every child is highly fascinated by the use of mobile. Colourful contents of smart phones are highly engrossing for little children. It’s highly addictive. Slowly they become addicted to the screen and lose other developmental parameters.

Increase screen exposure increase problem in attention

Autism is a neurobehavioural disease. It’s a big curse to families and parents. The children face difficulties in adapting to society. Their speech milestones delay. Along with it, they face learning and other behavioural issues. But recently the incidence of autism is on the rise.

For that, the main culprit is a gadget. Many children are facing language issues due to gadget use regularly. In the infancy they are normal children. But when they are starting to use gadgets, the behaviour is changed. Language milestones get reversed.

After days of use of gadgets, their personality changes gradually and they become more irritating and stubborn. They become more impulsive and respond less to social interaction. For this issue many societies across the world have formulated the screen time guidelines.

What is screen time
How long to use screen

The main treatment is withdrawal of screens from children. And gradually the lost speech and attention will come.

So keep the infants and toddlers away from screen. Increase human interaction more. It will help increase the cognition in a better way.

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