Stress is one of the biggest problem in our lives. It is so common, that it pushes everyone of to experience physical and psychological symptoms on a regular basis. The stress is simply “the brain’s response to any demand.” Given that definition, not all stress are bad. It is simply a response. How harmful it ultimately depends on its intensity, duration and treatment(1).

Stress takes a variety of forms. Some stress happens as the result of a single, short-term event like an argument with loved one, for example. It’s acute stress. Other stress happens due to long term conditions like illness, family problems, career problems. It’s chronic stress. The chronic stress posses several bad effects to our brain and mind.

The need of the day is how to combat stress. It’s simple. But everyone must be aware of this.

Stress relaxation in short time

Progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation of muscles leads to relaxation in 5 minutes. Several stress-free balls can be used. Let’s try it when you feel stressed next time.

Nature observation

Nature gazing is one of the best way of stress relaxation. Greenery brings soothing effect on brain. Next time you feel stressed, just visit nearby park and get relaxed.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing technique helps to decrease stress in short time. Every time stressful situation arises just do deep breathing for 5 minutes. It will be of great help. It’s one of the best way of stress relaxation in short term.

Mental image

Just close your eyes and take a walk in apple gardens of Shimla, do surfing in beaches of Goa. In imaginary we can visit any beautiful place by eyes of mind. Isn’t it relaxing? How about visiting a monastery for 5 minutes in Tibet next time you feel stressed!

Body scan meditation

It’s our own body and we know every part of it. How about thinking 10 seconds about each part and how it helps you in your work! In 5 minutes it will help in relaxation.


Punching a punch bag gives great satisfaction. Isn’t it? Punching helps in releasing stress.


Many people love to maintain journals. It helps to release all the negative emotions. Next time you feel stressed, write down the negative thoughts. After some days when you will read it, definitely you will laugh.


Daily exercise gives you many benefits. It decreases cortisol levels. It helps in releasing endorphins to make us happy. Just brisk walking for 5 minutes in time of stress helps in destressing.

Short term destressing techniques help us in coping up in difficult times. Consult an expert if you are facing difficulty in coping up.

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Kelloway EK, Barling J. Job characteristics, role stress and mental health. Journal of occupational psychology. 1991 Dec;64(4):291-304.



  1. Lovely blog on the most awaited topic . I personally use deep breath for stress relaxation. Other points are so helpful for me as well as others get rid of the stress. Thanks sir


  2. Sir very usefull tips about how to get relax from stress .
    By doing these simple steps some one can do avoid may disease also which are basically created by stress only.


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