How about a story of a great doctor who first suspected the peculiar yet common disease which does the lockdown of our body. It will be a great reading in this lockdown time.

………….he was a famous English surgeon, apothecary, geologist, palaeontologist, and political activist. Once in early 19th century he wrote an essay about an interesting and peculiar disease. The disease was from his own observation on three persons whom he saw on streets and three of his own patients. They were having shaking of hand and slow movement. They were seeming to be frozen, as if their limbs are locked. Then he wrote down thinking it as a paralysis. It was named as ‘shaking palsy’……..

He was none other than the great doctor James Parkinson. Later the disease was named as Parkinson’s disease.

And we just forgot to wish him on 11th April which is also otherwise named as ‘World Parkinson’s Day’.

A belated happy birthday to James Parkinson and good wishes for world Parkinson’s day.

Now on the eve of World Parkinson’s day let’s know some facts about Parkinson’s disease.

What is Parkinson’s disease

It’s a disease of old age group. It occurs due to decrease in a hormone called dopamine in our brain. Commonly, people above 60 years experience it’s symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease symptoms

It starts with slowing down of the activities. The patient walks slowly, eats slowly, talks slowly. Sometimes it feels as if he is frozen. It is mixed with shaking of hands. The patient slowly become stooped forward. It feels body is in lockdown mode. As age increases the disease progress. Then the patient becomes bed bound. Some people have constipation, decrease in smell, decrease in sleep etc.

A patient of Parkinson’s disease

What causes parkinson’s disease

There are many risk factors. Old age, genetics, exposure to pesticides, head injury etc. But most of times cause is not known. Sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, obesity are also risk factors.

Protective factors of parkinson’s disease

Caffeine, regular exercise, antioxidant vitamins and minerals, aspirin, strict control of diabetes help in protection from it.

If diagnosed early, it’s treatment can improve symptoms. The slowness of activity improves. The lockdown of body clears away. If someone is becoming slow in your family, never do delay. Consult neurologist and start treatment before he/she becomes immobile.

Some very frequently asked questions about parkinson’s disease

Are parkinson’s and dementia linked: some cases linked

-can parkinson’s disease be cured: with proper medication it can be slowed down

-can parkinson’s disease be prevented: yes by regular exercise and control of risk factors (but not 100%)

can parkinson’s disease lead to death: yes

-can parkinson’s be hereditary: in some cases

can parkinson’s symptoms come and go: yes

-how did parkinson’s get its name: from the doctor who first reported it.

So let’s try to spread the awareness of Parkinson’s disease to everyone. Let’s protect against parkinson’s!!! Please read and share for awareness.

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    • Thank you madam…. Exercise has a very good effect on extra pyramidal diseases

      Reduced motor symptoms

      Enhances the efficacy of levodopa

      Improves endurance.

      Improves gait disturbances.

      Improves cognitive function.

      Improves quality of life.


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