Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient is the key to be successful. High IQ and high EQ help in combination. Only IQ never makes someone successful.(what is EQ)

How to increase emotional intelligence

EQ is a dynamic term. As a social animal we evolve continuously. Our experiences in life help us to increase in emotional intelligence.

How to improve self awareness

Self awareness supports our emotion. We should be happy for what we are and we should love ourselves. Meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness help in self realisation. It makes our emotional quotient high.

How to do self management

Remain aware of feelings – Paying attention to how you feel is best step of self management.

Keep a notebook –  Create a list of situations or events that “trigger” negative emotions, such as anger or frustration. Writing helps in combating negative emotions.

Pay attention to “self talk.”- Tell yourself what it looks and feels like to be under control, focused and composed.

Remember, you have a choice – You have a choice always. Stay cool and choose the better option. What other people think should not come in your way.

How to improve social skills

Social skills improve social bonding. We should teach children about social skills. It increases emotional intelligence. It also helps us to adapt adverse social situations effectively.

Key to stay motivated

Motivation increases positivity. Motivated person takes every criticism positively. A motivated child never becomes depressed with failure.

Be Empathetic

Put yourself in the person’s shoes. It’s easy for us to comment and judge.

Show care and concern.

Acknowledge the person’s feelings.

Ask questions.

Don’t run ahead of the conversation.

Don’t judge.

Show emotional support.

Many studies say joint family helps in higher EQ in children. In recent days when depression and anxiety is so common, we need to have high EQ for successful future. Above all family and society help in better emotional intelligence.

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Salovey P, Mayer JD. Emotional intelligence. Imagination, cognition and personality. 1990 Mar;9(3):185-211.



  1. It’s a beautiful article. It shows our emotional portion is equally important as our intelligence area… I am really glad to read an article like this during my period of anxiety☺.. Thank you vai for this one…


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