Headache is a very common Neurological problem. Many of us face it everyday. Sometimes it’s very frustrating and irritating. Some people have chronic headache. There are several causes of it. But most of the headache symptoms are due to major 4 headache diseases.


Tension headache

Cluster headache

Sinus headache

Reduce your stress

Many migraines and headaches are triggered by stress. Stress headache is one of the commonest cause of primary headache. So keep stress away if you want a headache free life. Exercise and mindfulness meditation can help to reduce stress. (what is stress headache)

Avoid certain foods and beverages

Some foods and beverages like Alcohol, chocolate, old cheeses, can trigger headache. Tyramine is a natural compound that forms in high protein foods as they are kept for prolonged period. It’s also a trigger for migraines. Several chemicals added to food to enhance their flavor or help them stay fresh longer may bring on a headache. For some people, one drink can be enough to trigger a headache. Take a balanced meal. (what is migraine)

Maintain a good sleep schedule and sleep habit

 Sleep helps to keep your immune system strong and it wards off depression and anxiety along with promoting deep relaxation. The sleep habits and schedule should be maintained. Don’t compromise the sleep for any other thing. A good sleep can decrease the headache significantly. (how to maintain sleep hygiene)

Give importance to good posture

Posture is very important for certain types of headaches. Neck pain and headache can be decreased by keeping neck straight and maintaining good posture.

Smoking increases headache

Smoking not only hurts your lungs, but it can also increase your headache. Active and passive smoking from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes can contribute to headaches for both the smokers and the non-smokers. Nicotine, one of the components of tobacco, triggers blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to the brain.

Stay hydrated

Headache is one of the first signs of dehydration. To make sure you’re drinking enough fluids, try to consume them throughout the day, rather than just in the time of intense thirst.(how to remain hydrated)

Maintain a healthy weight

Being significantly overweight may increase a person’s chances of having recurring migraines. Obesity can turn episodic headaches into chronic headaches. Losing weight through diet and regular exercise can help in preventing headaches from happening more frequently. Obese children suffer from headache more frequently then others.

Avoid highly stimulating situations

Another common cause of migraine is anything that’s too bright, fast, flashy, loud noise, busy patterns, strong perfumes, watching an action movie in a dark theater. Try to avoid these types of situations when possible.

Steam inhalation

Sinus headache responds well to steam inhalation. Message in sinus area and nasal saline drops can decrease sinus headache. Those having recurrent sinusitis should do regular exercise for sinuses. It will definitely help in decreasing headache incidence.

Good lifestyle and avoidance of stressors provide better prevention of headache. Most of the headache are triggered by external factors. If we keep these factors in control, we can prevent headache episodes.

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Bigal ME, Gironda M, Tepper SJ, Feleppa M, Rapoport AM, Sheftell FD, Lipton RB. Headache prevention outcome and body mass index. Cephalalgia. 2006 Apr;26(4):445-50.



  1. It’s fact that most of the headache are triggered by external factors. Should apply yoga and meditation and strictly avoid cola drinks, fastfood, alcohol and cold water normally . Nice articles by Shubhankar Bhai. Thanks a lot.


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