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We all experience tiredness at times, which can be relieved by sleep and rest. Fatigue is when the tiredness is often overwhelming and isn’t relieved by sleep and rest. Some people experience excess tiredness or fatigue. That limits their ability to work or perform.

Any serious illness, such as cancer or stroke, or recovering from medical treatments can make you tired. In the COVID times many COVID survivors experienced excess tiredness or fatigue after getting relieved from COVID. But there are many conditions which cause excess tiredness or fatigue.

If you are feeling excess tiredness or fatigue, then you should not hide the symptoms. There are several causes of it. Some people feel excess tiredness without any other disease.

Commonest causes of excess tiredness

Check your sleep pattern

Sleep is most necessary part of our daily life. We need adequate sleep regularly. Otherwise the sleep will autoregulate itself and it will land in sleep debt. In some people due to several factors sleep is disturbed. It increases day time sleepiness. It leads to lethargy and tiredness. So try a good sleep if you are excess tired.

Get away from anxiety and depression

Anxiety and stress are major causes of excess tiredness. They decrease the pain threshold and cause excess muscle pain. The tiredness is associated with mood problem. If you are feeling excess tiredness, limit your stress level. You can do exercise and meditation to decrease stress level.

Look for balanced diet

Diet has major role in our lifestyle. Eating too little causes fatigue, but eating the wrong foods can also be a problem. Eating a balanced diet helps keep your blood sugar in a normal range and prevents that sluggish feeling when your blood sugar drops.

Check your hemoglobin level

Anemia is one of the leading causes of fatigue in women. Excess tiredness is one of the commonest presentation in early iron deficiency anemia. So check your hemoglobin level and take iron rich foods if you are feeling fatigue.

Look for hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a very common disease in recent times. If someone is having hypothyroidism he or she will feel sluggish, tired and fatigue. It can cause decrease in pain threshold and excess tiredness.

Keep your blood glucose level in check

In people with diabetes, abnormally high levels of sugar remains in the bloodstream instead of entering the body’s cells, where it would be converted into energy. It leads to loss of energy. If you have persistent, unexplained fatigue, keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Take some rest, decrease work load

Excess work pressure drains out our energy. It leads to high fatigue and tiredness. It leads to stress causing more fatigue. So take rest and try to decrease work load.

There are many diseases which causes excess fatigue. Many heart diseases, Neurological diseases, endocrine diseases cause excess fatigue. If you still feel excess tired after lifestyle modification consult doctor. It might be a sign of any other disease.

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Torres-Harding S, Jason LA. What is fatigue? History and epidemiology. Fatigue as a window to the brain. 2005;1:3-17.



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