Awareness is best form of prevention. If we know about the disease we can prevent it. It improves outcome.

Today we will talk about inattentive and hyperkinetic children. They never pay attention to studies or any constructive work. We generally think them wicked children. But in fact they might be suffering from attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder.

It’s a very common Neurological disease of children. With treatment many children improve. But unfortunately patients come after much delay.

What is ADHD

It’s a common disease of children. The child becomes much hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive. They face difficulty in sitting prolonged time, waiting for own term, studying. They usually underperform in school. Sometimes they show impulsive behaviour and destroy objects.

Children with ADHD often have trouble getting along with siblings and other children at school, at home, and in other settings. Because children with ADHD have difficulty controlling this behavior, they may be labelled “bad kids” or “space cadets.” 

If your child has shown symptoms of ADHD on a regular basis for more than 6 months, he or she needs treatment.

Types of ADHD

Generally it’s 3 types


These children show less attention to studies. Often they don’t listen and get easily distracted from work or play. Frequently they don’t follow through on instructions or finish tasks. They are very disorganised.

Hyperactive/ Impulsive

Children with this type of ADHD show both hyperactive and impulsive behavior, but they can pay attention. They are the least common group and are frequently younger.


Children with this type of ADHD show a number of symptoms in all 3 dimensions. It is the type that most people think of when they think of ADHD.

How to prevent ADHD

Even after decades of research still the knowledge of ADHD is limited. Good care in pregnancy and avoid smoking can prevent it. (tips to decrease symptoms)

Let’s spread awareness and fight against ADHD in this ADHD awareness month. Please read and share.(link)


Weiss G, Hechtman LT. Hyperactive children grown up: ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. Guilford Press; 1993.



  1. Nyc blogs sir ….Now a days ADHD most common problems in our society lets diagnose and treat them
    Happy ADHD Awareness month .


  2. Well this blog help me to know about ADHD in childrens,
    Now we can suggest the couples to caring about their child to prevent ADHD…Thanks.


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