Workplace migraine has increased exponentially in recent times. The screen dependency has increased in every age groups. Many factors like online classes, work from home, excessive use of TV and mobile devices in lockdown times are responsible for high migraine incidence all over the world. Increased level of stress due to Covid-19 adds more to the existing problem.

That’s why we are focusing on managing migraine in the workplace for this year’s Migraine Awareness Week (6-12 September).

Some facts about migraine every one must know

It’s a complex disease with several causes. But most of the times a genetic basis is found.

It’s very common. 1 in 7 people suffer from migraine. Around 14% suffer from migraine worldwide.

Unfortunately due to less awareness around 50% remain undiagnosed and untreated.

It’s more common in women than men.

What triggers migraine?

There are many triggering factors of migraine. If we avoid it we can stop the episodes. Top 5 triggers are responsible for around 90% migraine.


Lack of sleep


Neck pain


Some foods and beverages also act as trigger for migraine. Avoidance of those foods can prevent attacks.

Dos and don’ts of migraine

Regular medication and avoidance of triggers are best way to manage a migraine. Still now there is no permanent cure. It’s best to be treated by a neurologist on regular basis. Most of the migraine attacks can be prevented if regular medications are taken. Don’t neglect it.

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  1. I m 33 years old, working in middle east, because of work pattern I ve to drive full day, since 2 months I m suffering with migraine & consulted with neurologist here, Dr gave me medicine but some times I see falls vision at midnight.. Is it normal? Please let me know. Waiting for ur response.


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