The Corona fear is gripping more ferociously day by day. Both developed and developing are facing same heat. The death toll increases every day. Sometimes it feels, there is no escape from this. But things may be different. We can fight back with little awareness. No need to panic.

So let’s have a little knowledge. An epidemic goes through 4 stages. Stage 1 is the imported cases from infected countries. Stage 2 is from the close contact of infected cases. Stage 3 is from community. It’s not from affected people. Stage 4 is severe form, where no one can control the disease. India is in stage 2. European countries like Italy, Spain already crossed it.

But for humanity this is not the first epidemic due to respiratory virus we are facing. Earth has seen many epidemics like this. The 1918 influenza epidemic was one of the greatest epidemic humanity has faced. But we learn from our wrongs and mistakes.

So let’s read a story…..

In the beautiful spring of 1918 the flu epidemic again gripped the earth. In Philadelphia the first case was reported in September 17, social distancing was started in October 3. But in St. Louis the first case was detected in October 5 but strict social distancing measures were taken in October 7. There was huge difference in the infection and deaths. The Philadelphia witnessed around 250 deaths in a million but in St. Louis it was around 50 per million. When Philadelphia became strict on Social distancing it was too late. The disease had gone deep into community. Many people were already infected. Authorities didn’t give importance to it. But the authorities of St. Louis were very much serious about strict social distancing even if cases were low.

We learn from our history. Isn’t it? We can fight CORONA by not letting it spread. It is possible!! Why to panic!!A century back people of St. Louis showed us the path. If we stop the community transmission the curve will flatten. Most of the countries are in second stage of epidemic now. Even it will prevent conversion of stage 3 to stage 4. Once we delay the epidemic peak, the infection will be less and death will be less.

The curve flattens if social distancing is done seriously


What is social distancing

It’s the process to make yourself aloof from others. It will decrease personal transmission.

What to do for social distancing

Every thing should be done to distance self from others. You may be a strong person. But you will carry the virus and infect others. Even if so many cases not reported in your area, still you have to do it as single positive case can do community spread.

Avoid personal meeting. If too much necessary, sit at distance. Keep six feet apart. Avoid crowds, markets, public rooms, crowded restaurants, hotels, religious places.

Avoid unnecessary travel. If necessary use personal vehicle.

Avoid greetings by handshake and hugging. Better do a namaste.

Limit recreational activities with community.

Don’t visit hospitals for routine check ups and chronic diseases. If any symptoms of prolonged cough, fever and breathlessness found report yourself.

-Remain at home as long as not necessary don’t go out. Watch movies, read stories, dip into virtual reality. Do meditate, do take water and food. Take a break from crowds. Give time to family.

-Don’t think much. Still now the death percentage is around 3%.World has witnessed bigger epidemics. So keep calm and distance yourself. Use technology to get closer to friends and close people.

It will lead to death of virus in community. Don’t think that I am young, strong nothing will happen to me. You may transmit to some weak people, to other family members even you might not be ill.

A beautiful explanation how self aloofness keeps others safe.

In India the central government is giving much importance to social distancing by doing ‘janata curfew’. It will help significant limitation to transmission of virus. Every other country must follow the same.

Janata curfew a novel initiative for self distancing

Social distancing is our best weapon against CORONA. We have been successful by using it in 1918. And as we know history repeats itself, this time also we will be successful in 2020.

The best weapon to fight against corona transmission


No unnecessary OUTING

Let’s flatten the curve. The responsibility is yours.

No need to fear. But yes to precautions.

Keep calm and do social distancing.

An advice from our heart. Please listen. Please spread our voice and please answer our call affirmatively.

“I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us. And I fight CORONA for you you do support us !!!”

#go-corona-go #covid-19





  1. I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us. And I fight CORONA for you you do support us !!!” a noble message.


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