Every day we see many kids having hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, aggression, inattention. They are difficult to manage. They never sit in one place. They destroy things. They don’t obey the orders. And slowly the numbers of these children are on rise. They are not retarded. Just they need extra care and attention. Their activity and aggression can be controlled by some easy steps in home…….

Channelise Their Energy

These children have too much energy. If we can channelize their energy, it will keep them occupied. Give them some vent for that. Give them a hobby. Create some curiosity in them. It will help in using all his attention in that.

Invest in classes that help them use up their energy, physical activity, and soothe the mind. Many children take interest in plants, stars, cars etc.

You can also get your child activity boxes to help them engage meaningfully and focus on play-based activities.

To do list

A to do list will create a picture of his/ her plan of work. It will keep them prepared. It will decrease confusion and anger. After completing the task, he/she will feel a sense of completion. It will activate the reward centre, making him/her happy.

They have difficulty in understanding complex tasks. That increases frustration and aggression. Give small tasks and reward them for each good work. That will help in positive reinforcement.

Help them deal with feeling

Children with hyperactivity find it difficult to handle anger, sadness, and worry. Help them to deal with their feelings and tell them what is good and what is bad. They face difficulty in adaptation in situations. Moral support will decrease anxiety.


Relaxation techniques like deep breathing when anger comes helps many children. Green surrounding, cool breeze help in better relaxation. Away from screens and small outing on regular basis helps in relaxation.

Video games

Some games like mine craft, angry bird help in better concentration in inattentive children.

Outdoor games

Outdoor games are best way to decrease the symptoms of aggression and hyperactivity. It helps in attaining good fitness, team spirit. Many good sports person were having hyperactivity in childhood.

Children will be constantly moving and using large muscle groups, keeping them focused and energy-drained. However, if you can’t put them for any outdoor sports, make them take up running, which offers constant movement, health benefits, and a sense of accomplishment. It will further help in good sleep and brain growth.


Music helps better relaxation and growth. Music exercises both sides of the brain at the same time, thus calming the brain, which in turn makes your kids multi-tasking and store information better.


Meditation and yoga help better concentration in inactive children. In a study it was learned that meditation may help children with ADHD. A study with 48 children showed an average reduction of 35% from their symptom severity in a span of over six weeks using the Sahaja yoga meditation. The kids were also able to reduce their medication intake. Transcendental meditation can decrease hyperactivity and increase attention.


Good diet helps in better outcome. High protein and sufficient water along with complex carbs help in better sleep in night with good focus.

Behavioral therapy

It is the cornerstone of treatment of hyperkinetic children. It helps in better adaptation and good outcome.

Be positive. These children are normal. A better parenting can help them. Channelize their speciality. Parents and school can decrease maximum problems.

Good parenting and a bit patience can do wonder in the life of child. Remember Einstein was also suffering from this…

Your child may be the next Einstein… So have some patience……


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