Some children are different. They are very energetic but very fickle. They can’t concentrate in a single work. They don’t obey others command. They face difficulty in completing any task. They are always on a rush. They face difficulty in waiting in a line. They don’t wait for their turn to come. These children are different from others. They are special. In medical science we term them as attention deficit hyperkinetic disease (ADHD).

It’s a common condition of children. Many children have milder form of the disease. It’s a worldwide problem. In Indian sub continent it’s common.

Some children may be inattentive some may be hyperkinetic or impulsive. Some may have both.


The child is easily distracted. His/ her works are unorganized. He/ she never pays attention to someone speaking. Forget about daily activities. Faces trouble in following tasks.


The hyperkinetic child is always restless. He/ she can’t sit quietly. Talk excessively.


The impulsive child doesn’t have fear. He/she faces trouble in following his/her term. He/she often interrupts.

Many children have mixed characteristics. They are called combined type. They have features of all.

The exact cause of this condition is not known. But some genetic causes are isolated. Trauma to brain, premature birth, toxin exposure, smoking or alcohol in pregnancy are some suspected causes.

ADHD is not a mental retardation. Those children are special. Their world is a bit different from ours. Many children are very creative. They don’t think like every others. They think differently and laterally. They think fast. Many great personalities suffered ADHD.

They need a bit extra care and attention. Some special steps can decrease their problems. Who knows we can get a new Einstein!!!!!!!!!!!

#ADHD, #hyperactivity



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