Everyday we come across apprehensive parents, who always query about how to make the child smart talented and efficient. They always ask “is there any medicine to increase brain?”. Many parents fall to the advertisements in newspaper and TV, selling medicine to increase performance of children. Many parents pressurize children, scold them, beat them to increase their performance. But the brain doesn’t work that way……some level of stress may help the child in completing his/her studies, but it never help in improving skills. Sometimes heavy stress decrease the performance by putting negative effect on children……

But it is not difficult to raise a smart kid. Now a days a child is sent to school very early. Children are exposed to huge amount of pressure. Parents think academic exellency depends upon how early the child is taught everything. It creates problem for the developing brain.

The key to raise a smart kid lies in the lifestyle. It is the “exercise”. Exercise is the master key to make the child smart. It’s not only a master key, it’s the best key.

Activities increase cognition

So how does the outdoor exercise help the kid in making it smart? There are many ways exercise helps the developing brain. There are huge numbers of research by neuroscientists about how exercise helps the developing brain.

Exercise increases blood supply to brain. It gives more oxygen and glucose to brain leading to better focus and positive attitude. It also increase alertness concentration and memory. A research done in the Columbia University Lab reveals that a 3 month exercise regimen can increase blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning by 30%.

It helps in formation of new nerve cells which help in memory formation. According to a research childrenwho exercise regularly have improved short-term memory, exhibit faster reaction time, and have higher level of creativity.

Exercise improves your child’s ability to learn. In a 2007 study, German researchers found that after exercise, people learn vocabulary words 20% faster than they did before they exercised.

Balance and jumping exercise like jumping rope strengthen the areas of brain important for several skills.  This helps your kid with a framework for reading and other skills.

Exercise reduces stress by balancing it’s chemical activities.  Its effect is similar to taking anti-depressant medications. It reduce the stress induced injury to brain.

Organized sports learn confidence, teamwork and leadership. It helps in achievement of bigger goals in life.

Exercise stimulates secretion of several happy hormones from body. It makes the child happy and positive.

It helps children in controlling impulse and emotions. It also helps in social interaction and interpersonal relationship. Playful children are happier and positive.

What exercise does to developing brain

Many researchers have compared the ability to memorize and learning in several children. It’s seen that after outdoor activities they do better mathematics.

In a question based study it was found that in USA 74% children lacking exercise. Heavy use of mobile games and TV making children too much lethargic.

Always children imitate adults. The more sedentary life style parents will have, children will follow same path. But if children are taken for exercise along with parents, it will inspire them.

Set example to kids by being active yourselfMake fitness a priority. Encourage them to walk. Encourage them to take competition with friends and neighbors in outdoor games. Reduce the screen use.

Less than 5 year children need more exercise as maximum brain development occurs at that age. More than 5 years need minimum 1 hour play.

Play types for less than 5 years

Outdoor exercise is the master key for better development of child’s brain. It makes him/her more talented, positive, multitasking besides making him/her healthy physically. This is a picture how brain activity increases after just 20 minutes walk (red and yellow area increased activity).

Every Pediatric and Neurology society advise children to do more outdoor exercise. It’s the best thing which will help the children become smarter. It’s the best way to raise a superkid.

Outdoor exercise is the master key to make kid smarter………


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