Again like every other year, whole world is observing the AIDS DAY on 1st December and AIDS awareness month. It’s one of the most dreaded disease known to mankind. It’s caused by a virus named HIV virus. It’s a small human virus, transmitted by body fluids.

December AIDS awareness month

Basically the virus destroys the immune system of our body. Our body is like a very strong castle protected from external attacks by many defence systems. The brain is the king’s palace. The immunity cells (T cells) are the armed soldiers. They attack any intruder entering from outside. No one dares to come inside due to the strong security. But notorious HIV kills the armed soldiers and subsequently attacks the king’s palace and also makes it easy for others to attack. Once the king’s palace is destroyed, the castle is gone.

Any organism can cause infection in a HIV positive patient. It gets lethal day by day. Finally it kills the patient.

The HIV virus
HIV virus in blood (looks like a horned devil)
What is HIV

HIV virus is one of the greatest enemy of our nervous system. Most of the deaths occur due to involvement of the nervous system of our body. It can attack brain, spinal cord, big and small peripheral nerves and muscles.

First level is the meninges (covering of brain). It’s involvement causes headache, fever etc.

Second level is brain, it causes decrease in memory, convulsions, weakness etc.

Third level is spinal cord, it causes weakness, urinary problem etc.

Fourth level is nerves, it causes vision loss, facial deviation, weakness, burning sensation, decrease sensation etc

Fifth level is involvement of autonomic nerves. It causes urinary problems, black outs, fall, palpitations etc.

Sixth level is muscle involvement. It causes pain in muscles, weakness etc.

Any level involvement is very dangerous. It can end up in death. As there is no cure, prevention and awareness is the best thing.

So let’s spread awareness and limit the transmission of HIV. Let’s unite to fight against the HIV. Let’s educate everyone to

So let’s promise to eliminate HIV by spreading the awareness in this HIV awareness month December.

#fight_hiv #hiv-nerves



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