Saurav (real name hidden) was very anxious and stressed and was waiting outside my room. As I came out he told me ‘sir let’s go to hospital, baba admitted, he is unconscious and having convulsions’. I was confused. Three days before he had called me to ask about his burning sensation of foot. What happened suddenly!!!!!!!!!

Saurav was son of Mr. Mohanty. Mr. Mohanty is a retired teacher. He was detected Type 2 diabetes mellitus, 3 year before. He was put on insulin therapy. But from the beginning, he was irregular in treatment. He always thought if he drinks ‘kalara juice’ (bitter gourd) it will definitely cure the diabetes. Because according to him bitterness is antagonist of sweet, so it will kill diabetes. Many doctors advised him, not to discontinue insulin therapy, but he had different view. He always thought doctors are exaggerating the fact. 7 days before, he read about some magic medicine in local newspaper, claiming to cure diabetes completely. He bought it and stopped insulin completely. Finally landed into diabetic coma……!!!!

(Name and details hidden for privacy, we don’t disrespect any form of Medical treatment)

It’s a real story of an experience of a doctor, any relation to any person is complete coincidence…

In regular Neurology rounds we see many cases of ‘coma’ in daily basis. In reality coma is a unresponsive deep sleep like state from which arousal is difficult.

Among the cases of Coma we see, diabetic coma is one of the commonest cause. The coma in a diabetic person is devided into three types according to the cause.

If a person is taking high dose of insulin for treatment of diabetes, and the dose is high or he is not taking food adequately after insulin, he will land into hypoglycemia (it’s a condition in which insulin will help to use the glucose amount in body). Now the brain will get less glucose, then the patient will feel weakness, head reeling, black out etc. If the amount of glucose is very low, then the patient will become unconscious and later turning into coma. It’s hypoglycemic coma. It’s an emergency. Patient must be admitted and treated by glucose drip.

The second type is diabetic keto acidosis (DKA). It’s a very dangerous situation. Here the blood glucose is increasing rapidly. Infection and insufficient insulin are the major causes. It starts with pain in abdomen, nausea vomiting, drowsiness and later coma with deep breathing. It needs emergency treatment.

The third one is hyper osmolar coma (HHS). Here due to deficiency or stoppage of insulin the blood glucose increase very high suddenly. It causes sudden unconsciousness and convulsions. It’s also a emergency. It’s very dangerous. Many patients die due to this.

Diabetes is a very common disease in India. Many touts claim to cure it in several advertisements. It’s propaganda. They are doing it for money. Many patients stopping treatment by getting fooled by these people. Take whatever juice you want, but don’t stop medicine advised by your doctor (insulin or oral medicines). Always believe your doctor. Believe me if curing diabetes had been so easy, we would have done it.

Please keep a glucometer with you. All the above diseases can be diagnosed by simple blood glucose test. Every day we are losing so many patients due to mis information. Please be aware and remain healthy. All these dangerous conditions are preventable.



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  1. Common people need these awareness. I still know people roaming and having a happy rice potato meal with a ebe of 300 . No way u can convince. These articles must be put along with the news in TOI sections


  2. Common people need these awareness. I still know people roaming and having a happy rice potato meal with a random blood sugar of 300 . No way u can convince. These articles must be put along with the news in TOI sections


  3. Such golden messages are highly welcomed ……its time to act scientifically for our conscience to diabetes…….


  4. Very nice.. being the diabetic capital of world.. all Indians need to know the acute complications of diabetes


  5. Thank you so much bhai for this lovely article. This will help in spreading awareness. Keep writing.


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