Last time we discussed about how the brain is on fire due to stress. But it’s easy to cool down the brain. We have to know certain things to beat the stress. A stress free life is much more healthier than a disease free life. It’s much more important than any materialist life. As we know stress causes many dangerous diseases including hypertension, headache even cancer. But if we conquer stress we can get relief from many worst conditions. Because prevention is always better than cure. Stress management is a must for healthy lifestyle.

We can manage the stress by three approaches of stress management which help in better stress adaptation.

First is reactive stress management in that one has to fight the stress when it has already arisen. In that the stress already made an impact and we are fighting to reduce the impact. It’s the Fire Fighting to stop the fire in brain.

The second one is proactive management. Here the stress has already came. And we are fighting it just before it made an impact on our health.

The third one is preventive management. In that we try to prevent the stress before it comes.

Now we know three steps of stress management. Next comes how we will manage in each steps. First is the fire fighting. How to extinguish fire.

First is deep breath…. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths it’s a fantastic stress buster.

Second is short and brisk walk…. Walk for 20 minutes it works for both stress and anxiety.

Third is talk to a good friend….

Fourth is quick break

Fifth is music… Listen to an inspiring music. It helps in relieving both stress and depression.

All these steps will kill the fire…

So relax fast…. It will kill the fire…

Then proactive stress management. It depends upon meditation and yoga, exercise, pranayam, healthy food and plannings.

Exercise is the brahmastra against stress. It releases the hormones which makes us happy. A stressed person will definitely be happy if does exercise. It will also decrease the level of stress hormone.

Yoga and meditation are age old system for fighting against stress used by old Indian sages. It is considered top five fighter against stress by top neurologists world wide. It has wide effect on vagus system in reducing the effects of stress. So half an hour of yoga can save you from harms of stress and depression.

Healthy food is must to get relief from stress. Oily and spicy food and coffee are friends of stress. Less spicy, decrease in neurostimulants like coffee and tea decrease stress very much.

Pre-planning and programming reduces stress much. It will decrease last moment panicking. So everyday do planning in the morning about whole day.

Next comes the author in you. Maintain a diary. Write down all your problems in a day in diary. It will reduce stress.

Keep a pet. Playing with pets reduce work stress.

There was a beautiful study in American people in stress. Spending time with family and meditation was the best one.

Next comes the change in personality and behavior. It will help in prevention of stress and attitude towards stress. Positive behavior and positive friend circle also helps in prevention of stress.

So let’s kill stress and save the brain from burning………


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  1. Thank you very much sir, for this valuable message for awareness and keep continuing dear sir…


  2. Really its very useful articles, it have a good impact on our day today’s life,if we will not react properly then India will be filled up stressful life on 20th centuries.


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