The brain is on fire!!!!!!! It burns everyday. The fuel is your stress…. save it. Your brain is your best friend. Protect it from the fire. It will take you to new heights…!!!!

Recently we observed world mental health day. Mental health is a great necessity for better brain health. In our world, stress is the biggest factor, for mental disease. Chronic stress not only causes psychiatric illness but also destroys many part of brain. It just eats away the brain like a slow poison. From students to top professionals, all are stressed. Personality, environment, society every thing is responsible.

Chronic stress has several bad effects on our body. It slowly effects all our organs. It kills your brain, harms your heart, weakens immunity causing infections, disrupts digestion and many more. Many physical and psychological symptoms seen when we are stressed.

But the brain suffers the most. It has to cope up with stress to survive. But slowly our dear brain looses the battle. It surrenders to stress. Then it starts to shrink in several parts. It causes loss of memory, problems in emotions, difficulty in learning, change in personality and many more. It becomes a vicious cycle. We call it stress brain loop. The more stress we face the more injury our brain suffers. It produces several hormones which again increase stress. This thing goes on. Stress causes sleep difficulty, emotional distress, poor nutrition etc again these things cause more damage to brain. Like a slow poison it kills the brain slowly.

Finally brain looses several important parts, which are responsible for memory, personality, emotions etc. Later it leads to dangerous disease like dementia, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS and many more. Recently we find many young children, students, adults are complaining about short term memory loss, attention deficit, too much anger etc. Believe me all these things young generation suffer, are due to enormous stress they are facing in daily life. There is no time to relax and adequate sleep.

Always remember your stress is killing the master organ of your body slowly. You must save your brain. Always destress yourself. It’s so easy. Take out some times for exercise, meditation. Meditation is the most effective stress busters. Good diet, healthy lifestyle, friend circle will help. Laugh a lot. Whenever feel stressed take deep breaths and relax. Nothing is important more than your health. If you are healthy you can try as many times as you can, but if you are having disease, your performance will decrease. Distress your self and save the brain from the slow poison. If you are facing a bad time keep moving, keep hoping being positive. Don’t stress yourself.

So save the brain from burning. Your brain is your best friend, don’t endanger it by putting it into too much stress. Save it and it will take you to your destination. How to destress the brain is topic of another Sunday mirror.






  1. Thank you Very much sir, for this valuable massage for awareness and keep continuing dear sir.


  2. Very good and really eye opening,We don’t realise in routine life,everyday we all accumulate so much stress from our surroundings.Remedies ,which you have suggested,really works.Daily work out or exercise/yogaand Meditation,positive thinking and be happy unconditionally.


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