Hypertension or high blood pressure is the worst enemy of our brain. The patients suffering from hypertension increasing day by day. Stressful lifestyle adds to it. Several causes are there for it. High salt diet, obesity, stress, alcohol, old age, these are several factors. And many people among us don’t know that they have hypertension. And they first know when they have stroke.

Hypertension has several bad effects on our brain. Our brain is a cluster of several blood vessels running inside it. In a patient of hypertension the blood vessels have to cope up with increasing pressure. Blood vessels are just like water pipe. When pressure increases it has to adjust it by stretching.

The first problem is headache and dizziness. Hypertension headache more seen in the backside of head. Dizziness and head reeling can also occur. Sometimes nausea and vomiting occur. People become irritable and stressed. It increases blood pressure even more.

The second problem is stroke. Hypertension is one of commonest cause of stroke. The brain blood vessels can’t withstand the pressure and rupture spontaneously and suddenly. We call it brain hemorrhage. The patient fall down suddenly. If the rupture is big or in important areas of brain, patient dies at that time. Others suffer from paralysis. Some people suffer from very severe headache and neck pain. Sometimes it blocks the blood flow by obstruction to the path causing ischemic stroke.

The third dangerous effect of high blood pressure is sudden vision loss. The blood vessels in retina of eye rupture and make people blind.

The most dangerous effect is hypertensive encephalopathy. The self regulatory mechanism becomes disturbed. The brain doesn’t function normal. People become seriously ill. Sometimes patients go to coma and die. Some patients become bed ridden. Many people throw seizures. It’s a very dangerous condition.

Apart from this many other effects are there. Hypertension is the worst enemy of brain. Regular blood pressure measurement can save from so many dangers. Exercise, good diet, limitation of salt intake can prevent hazards of hypertension. If you are suffering from it, then get treated by your physician regularly. It can prevent severe damage to brain. Many people stop the medication for high blood pressure suddenly, and suffer from major stroke.

Measure BP regularly and save the brain. Its a very small solution to such a huge problem. And if you have hypertension visit your physician regularly.





  1. I really very much happy with such worthful massage ,
    Which increases the knowledge to identify own problems
    And protect ourselves from different dangerous conditions.


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