A sound sleep is the best friend of our brain. Our brain is like a machine. It needs relaxation and maintenance. Sleep is the major factor for relaxation of our brain. Sleep wears away stress and exhaustion. It gives new mileage to brain. Not only brain, it helps other systems too.

First we will know how is the sleep formed. The sleep has mainly two stage. One is when our eye does not move much (NREM) and the other is when eye moves much (REM). The first one is the time when brain relaxes but muscles of body remains active. The second phase had muscles relaxed and brain active. The dreams come in second phase. Suppose we are running in dream, as our muscles are relaxed we don’t get up in sleep and run. Brain needs both stage to relax. The first stage has two parts, light sleep and deep sleep. The light sleep is when we doze off. The deep sleep comes after that.

What will happen if we don’t get adequate sleep. Brain is the organ which makes all our body parts work. It’s the master organ. Deficiency of sleep will have dysfunction of all our organs. It will cause memory loss, acidity, obesity, heart problem, bad mood, depression, aggressive behavior and many more.

How much we should sleep? It depends upon age. Young people must sleep more for better brain growth. No school or academic programs should decrease sleep in Children. Every parent must ensure good sleep in their children. Its a must for better brain growth. Don’t pressurize them to study by wasting sleep. Many people sacrifice sleep for work. It’s like suicide. Many students cut sleep for studies. Sleeplessness decrease efficiency. You can’t memorize what you read. So leave everything and sleep well.

Never ever compromise your sleep. Have a good sleep for better function of brain. And dear parents, don’t waste your childs sleep with dream of IIT. It will gain nothing. Let him/her sleep adequate, rest time you can plan whatever you want them to do. Sleep well boost your brain.





  1. Its a nice information for the people who are working more and resting less. They should sleep sufficient.


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