How it will feel if you forget your identity? How will you feel if your all memory vanished piece by piece! It’s called dementia. There are several types of dementia. And Alzheimer’s is most common. First we have to know what is this disease and how it effects common people. It’s very very common disease and in next 30 years it will be more common than heart disease. Around half of the old people across world will suffer from it in next 30 years.

Now we will know why it occurs. It is a very slow disease. It progresses for years. The disease slowly eats away the brain, bit by bit. First it starts wasting the temporal lobe. It’s the part of brain which helps in memory. Then it attacks other areas of brain. As other brain diseases, it also has some causes. Increasing age is the first risk factor. Which we can’t stop. But other risk factors can be modified. The unhealthy lifestyle and social inertness are also primary factors.

Now as it is a slow disease, it gives time for us to react and prevent. If someone is going to have it, then the process starts in early forty. First we use the term mild cognitive impairment. It’s just starting of the hazardous disease. And those having this will go to Alzheimer’s in years. And almost always it starts with memory loss of recent events. It’s like those people will misplace their personal belongings and will search. It will occur everyday. And then disease slowly progress. It’s a blessing that the disease takes years to start. It gives too much time for act. After disease starts other features like forgetting names, change in personality, change in behavior, forgetting path will occur.

Then as it’s a very dangerous disease, we must prevent it. And it’s very easy. We have to change our unhealthy lifestyle. We have to be happy. Get treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure. Eat healthy food and learn music. Do daily yoga and exercise. Meditation and yoga prevent dementia. Make friend circle. Old age people become lonely and bored after retirement. Never sit idle. Make group and do picnic, make your brain do work as it was doing before. Those people who use brain too much, they don’t get Alzheimer’s. Doctors, teachers always continue their work after retirement, so they rarely get Alzheimer’s. Kick out any depressive thought. Mental exercises must be done. Do play cross words, word making, Sudoku. Many apps provide these games in smart phones.

Recently scientists found that those people who learned Sanskrit and recited daily, they didn’t have Alzheimer’s. In Neuroscience it’s called Sanskrit effect. Sanskrit is a complex language. Learning it and remembering it helps in brain exercise and prevent dementia. The old sages could remember so long Vedas due to memory exercise.

So Alzheimer’s is preventable. It needs awareness. In next 30 years half of us will be suffering from it. If you feel misplacing objects daily and difficulty in doing new learning, then visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology) . There are tests for dementia to show if you are having pre Alzheimer’s. Do brain exercise save your memory. Many times people think Alzheimer’s people are psychotics and outcast them. Their memory forgot them. Take good care of them. Treat them. Try to make them happy, as they made you happy when you had not formed any memory (childhood). Alzheimer’s is preventable. Let’s pledge to fight Alzheimer’s.

Happy Alzheimer’s day….






  1. New field of brain exercise is to be included in our routine life in addition to physical exercise.


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