Brain development starts in mother’s womb. But actual development of several domains like memory, cognition, language, motor and sensorium etc develop before age of 5 years. After 5 years development is very less. Maximum maturation and development occurs in this time. After that whatever we do we will help a little.

The first booster is breast milk. It is formulated for human brain development. The breastfed child has average IQ 10 more than a non breastfed baby. The formula fed baby gets milks of cows and Buffalos. And the components are for brain growth of animals. Finally the IQ will be similar to the animals. So exclusive breastfeeding is a must for brain development till 6 months.

The second booster is play. Please don’t stop playing of a child to start early study. Many mothers in today’s world think early study is going to get into IIT. Let them play a lot. It will boost the development of brain. Along with memory play helps in social and cognitive skills. It helps in development of team spirit. Child opens up to friends. It decreases negativity and stress on children.

The third booster is attention. A child needs constant attention. Someone has to listen his thoughts. Someone has to listen his imagination. Someone has to listen his stories. Someone has to talk to him. Otherwise he feels lonely and depressed. Here the help of grand parents come. Studies say the children brought with grand parents, are more talented and social as well as compassionate. Parents are busy, so they get less time to listen to the nonsense talks. Besides it they get agitated due to work stress.

The fourth booster is music. Children are very music loving. They listen, memorize and vocalize. It increases language and memory. Good music is a must for brain development. Soothing songs with positivity have tremendous effect on brain development.

The fifth booster is good nutrition. A balanced food is must for brain development. Vitamins, minerals with carbs and protein are mandatory. Fish protein, chocolate are much helpful in development of brain. Child should take sufficient water.

The first 5 years are golden period. If you want to make the child talented, watch this time. Make him/her genius in all domain. It will make him positive and successful. Development of brain doesn’t mean only memory. Along with it the personality, executive functioning, language, mathematics will also develop. Later it will make the child genius……






  1. The above subject is very educative. Today’s child is the future of the Nation. He should be nurished properly.


    • Sir thank you for your appreciation… This blog is for common people.. that’s why not adding references.. from next one will try adding references…


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