Stroke or ‘brain attack’ is one of the deadliest disease known to mankind. Everyday huge numbers of people either die or become incapacitated for stroke. Young, old, children any one can have stroke. Typically we always hear that ‘Mr. X was sitting, suddenly he fell down and one side of body didn’t work’. Sometimes people become unconscious and die on the way of hospital. Once stroke happened, it causes permanent damage to brain. Once lost means you are not getting back that part of brain again. The larger the part affected the severe symptoms the patient will suffer. The more time you delay hospitalisation the large part of brain you will loose. That’s why we say ‘ time is brain’.In old times stroke was meant for old people. But now every day we see young people are having stroke due to change in lifestyle and stress.

But luckily when we think about causes of stroke, 80% of it are preventable causes. Only little change in your daily routine and lifestyle will save you from horrors of stroke. It is applicable to everyone in your family. Old, young, children. Sometimes people don’t know they have hypertension, when the blood vessels of brain rupture then they are diagnosed as severe hypertension. Sometimes this holds to diabetes also. Fat children, along with cholesterol they get diabetes and hypertension making them prone to stroke at very early age.

Regular BP and heart checkup, diabetes control, decrease excess fat, sufficient water, regular exercise and refrain from smoking and regular drinking can prevent 80% people from stroke. Seven goals in life can save you and your near and dears from death.

Many times brain gives warning signs in form of small strokes. They are like sudden weakness, change in speech, facial deviation and improves in a day. If these symptoms appear visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology) or a good medicine specialist (MD Medicine). If once you had stroke never ever stop medicine. Because once you have stroke the chance of another stroke is very high. Everyday we see patients getting bigger stroke after stopping medicine because there was no improvement and changed to homeopathy. The stroke medicine will definitely save you from further stroke. Life long medicine needed. Visit consultant neurologist (DM Neurology) regularly if you have one stroke ( may be small or big).

Stroke prevention is much more beneficial than stroke treatment. Keep the seven goals in life and stay healthy. Once stroke happened then some parts of brain destroyed, which will never ever regenerate. So be a STROKE HERO and save yourself and your family from stroke.






  1. Nice words & advice of a neurologist. All people in general invariably at any age & diabetic patients should follow it with their family members . All the best….


  2. Why not quit alcohol??? Does it have any health benefits? We can prevent.. Once the damage is done we r helpless. U dont have answers when ll he talk or walk… So instead of just treating the patients symptomatically… We should search for the iatrogenic causes rather than sitting with crossed fingers that its iatrogenic…


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