Muscle pain is a very common situation in today’s world. In medical term we call it myalgia. Any injury, viral fever and spasm can cause muscle pain for some days. We will not discuss about that. Many people experience muscle pain for prolonged period. Some people need massage, some make their child stand and walk on their legs and buttocks, some bind clothes to decrease pain. Pain becomes more in the evening time. Pain remains there all time in the year. Sometimes increases when cold. Some people think it’s associated with the poornima and amavasya.

It works like a cycle. Stress and anxiety are the primary cause. Body has to cope up with high level of stress. It gives body ache. That’s why it’s more seen when you return from office, return from college. Even in small children it’s seen. It’s due to increasing stress in studies. The more pain it gives more stress and again it decreases the sleep. Ultimately it works like a cycle to increase pain. Next causes are like some chronic diseases, arthritis, vitamin defficiency, electrolyte imbalance etc.

Everyone in this world possess the right to remain pain free. Never get used to it. Small home remedies can decrease the pain. Change your lifestyle and do yoga and morning exercise. Entertain your brain. Leave hectic life. Have some leisure. Talk with friends. Change to non oily diet. Take increased amount of water. If possible take good amount of ORS Powder mixed water. It will provide instant relieve. Take fish in diet if possible. Otherwise drink milk. Have some outdoor time. If the pain is too much visit a true neurologist ( DM Neurology), and get treated after excluding other diseases. Some patients need medications for relief. And believe me chronic muscle pain can be relieved completely if you are treated adequately.

Pain is very disturbing and disabling thing. But don’t bother. We can conquer chronic muscle pain with change in lifestyle and some medication and some vitamins. Always remember ‘Stress kills in many ways’. So remain stress free and relax a bit.




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