Trembling of hand is a very common neurological problem. It can affect every age group. In medical language we call it tremors. From small children to old, the types of tremor changes. There are varieties of tremors. Some have it in resting state but some have it while in doing work. Some people have it while going to face interview, examination etc. Some set of people experience suddenly for a brief period of time in episodes. Some tremors run in families. Some only affect male children. So basically it’s a symptom but causes vary widely.

Most important thing is to differentiate it from seizures. One thing is most important. A tremor is a mild disease. But if it occurs suddenly for some times then it is very dangerous. It might be a seizure. It might be a stroke. Generally tremors are perennial problems. It disturbs day to day life. If it occurs in children it will cause difficulty in writing. If it occurs in professionals like artists, Carpenters, tailors, musicians, writers, surgeons it may destroy their profession. If severe tremors are seen then it will cause difficulty in doing daily routine works. Some tremors are very fine to appreciate. Some are coarse tremors.

The cause of tremors vary widely. Simple anxiety is one of the predominant cause. Besides this hyperthyroidism is another cause. Many drugs cause tremors. Simple cough syrup may cause tremors in many people. Bad diseases like Wilson disease, multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, cerebellar diseases etc start with tremors. Many families have familial tremors. We call it essential tremor. Another question arises how to know the fine tremors. As I told small tremors will definitely change the fine works of man. There is a spiral drawing which will show you that tremors are there. Right one normal man and left one is with tremors.

Chronic tremors are not emergency. But they must be evaluated for the cause. Some tests are necessary to see and rule out dangerous diseases. If child is having tremors then it should never be taken lightly. There is different types of treatment for different tremors. Consultation of a true neurologist (DM Neurology) is a must. Concrete diagnosis about cause of a tremor is a must. Then the treatment will be widely efficacious. Otherwise it’s like throwing stones in the dark. If untreated it will increase and cause disability. Clinically by examining the patients, a consultant neurologist can diagnose the disease behind it.

Tremors are disabling diseases. If you doubt you are having it, know the cause behind it. Different treatments are there for different types. Get treated and be stress free.





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