Stroke is a very common disease among above 60 population. Always I hear that people think stroke is a disease of heart. And the one side paralysis disease of brain. But for common men remember stroke and one side paralysis are same. Old age, diabetic, hypertensives, fat people all have very high chance of stroke. In medical language we call it CVA (cerebrovascular accident).

Brain is most vital organ of human body. Your every activity is due to function of some specific part of brain. Brain gets it’s food and oxygen through blood. If blood supply to one part of brain is obstructed then. That part of brain gone. We will have deficit in function of that specific part. The blood vessels of brain are a bit weak. Sometimes they fail to withstand the pressure and they burst. So strokes are two types either blood can’t go to brain or blood vessels burst. And peculiarity of brain is it’s not like skin or liver. Once one part of it is gone means it will never ever be normal in your life time. So the longer brain faces insult the more dangerous the disease will be. But lucky we are that brain informs and gives us signs that it’s going to face a stroke. Brain can fight loss of blood supply to specific area for some hours and give us some indications that it’s facing severe difficulty. After that brain gets permanent damaged.

Now the most vital part how to know that brain is going to face a stroke. Always remember ‘FAST’.

If anyone is having this then it’s a definite medical emergency. Always remember time is brain. More time lost means brain is lost. Now the patient must be taken to a doctor who is qualified to treat stroke. Many people do grave mistake in this point. Some think it might be due to acidity, some think it due to cold, some think it to be ‘peta garam’. Some people go to quacks, medicine stores. The patient must be taken to a medicine specialist or a true neurologist (DM Neurology : this is ‘ghor kaliyuga’ many pharmacist keep boards with neuro prefix before other specialisation to attract patients) at earliest. Many times I have seen early stroke patients are falsely diagnosed as cold and loose both time and brain, later cry near us. If you can reach a neurologist within 5 hours then there is a treatment which can reverse the stroke completely. Always remember ‘time is brain’. The early treatment less damage. Once some parts of brain lost then permanent damage. Even it can cause complete bed bound or death.

After stroke what to do and what not to do, it’s a topic of another Sunday mirror.





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