Head reeling, dizziness are very common daily occurrence in many person. Some people experience as if the whole room is rotating around them. Some people experience the problems more when change position and open eyes. Later it decreases after stabilization. Some people experience sudden onset head reeling. Some people experience head reeling in the morning. Some experience it in night. Some experience unsteady steps while walking. Some people experience change in speech after sudden onset head reeling. Many people experience ringing in ears during head reeling.

                    There are many causes of head reeling. Basically it’s medical term is vertigo. It may be due to problem in brain or in ear. Many causes are there. The cause may be from minor causes like hypertension to serious disease like stroke, tumor. Hence don’t neglect vertigo. Visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology). There are some clinical tests which will tell that what is the cause and where is the disease. Sometimes ENT consultation might be needed after neurology consultation. If it is due to brain tumor, surgery might be needed. If its due to stroke, lifelong medication is mandatory. After proper diagnosis treatment should be started. And every time i see people do mistake in taking medication in vertigo. As vertigo stops they stop medication. Actually these drugs should not be stopped suddenly. Ask the neurologist about how to stop the medications. If sudden stoppage is done, it may restart with resistance to drugs.

                        Head reeling or vertigo is a common problem. But its cause might be very dangerous and lethal. Never ever neglect that. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can save precious life. Don’t waste time by thinking that every head reeling is due to acidity. And I have seen many self proclaimed learned people  giving precious advice to patients having head reeling to take an antacid, because its due to gas or ‘peta garam’. Later when they come to neurologists after adequate cooling of the abdomen, it will be diagnosed as a stroke due to uncontrolled hypertension. India is full of medical experts and google doctors, without basic medical knowledge. So trust the neurology superspecialist (DM Neurology), who has studied more than 14 years to acquire this knowledge, and get treated and live a healthy life without spinning of head….





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