Sleep is a very essential part of human life. Every body needs minimum 8 hours of sleep for adequate executive function of brain. As everyone needs rest after days work, your brain also needs rest for adequate function. Sleep is highly beneficial to all organs apart from brain. Children need more sleep in comparison to adults. Newborns need 18 hours a day sleep for adequate brain development. Sleep consists of broadly two phases. One is non rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. Both have different physiology and different beneficial effects on brain. First one is shallow sleep and the later one is deep sleep.

Many people complain of decrease sleep at night. Some people neglect sleep due to work pressure. Some students cut sleep time to study. Some parents oblige children to sleep less to increase their study time. Believe me all are detrimental to both physical and mental health. Some people wait long for sleep to come. Some have fragmented sleep. Decrease in sleep leads to anxiety and anxiety causes more abnormal sleep and other symptoms. Later it causes several other symptoms like headache, myalgia, behavior abnormality, personality change etc. All these problems escalate day by day.

Now how to have a good sleep. Stress and anxiety are two common enemies of sleep. Now a days excess mobile use and late night TV are another common factors of sleep deprivation. Less fatty food, dark room, soothing temperature, not so much soft cushion are natural allies of good sleep. Sedentary lifestyle also affects sleep adversely. Exercise is a must for healthy sleep. If sleepless nights bother you consult a true neurologist ( DM neurology). Sleep diseases are misdiagnosed always. And sedatives are not treatment to every sleep problem. Sleep labs are there where polysomnography done for complex sleep disorders. Another thing I always see, people stop medication by advice of any Tom, Dicky and Hardy because they fear sleep medicine will cause serious problem. Please keep your huge knowledge with you, don’t advice others. If that is the cause why those medicine came to market? Now a day’s the medicines have less dependency and morning drowsiness. Ask the neurologist you are consulting about how to stop the medicines. Then take your decision.

Never ever neglect sleep problem. It may have disastrous consequences on your life. Many dangerous neurological diseases start with sleep problems. Lack of sleep may cause many dangerous diseases like Alzheimer’s. So get treated and enjoy your life. Problems in sleep and dream is another topic in another Sunday mirror.

#Happy Sunday

#Happy Sleep



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