Epilepsy is one of the commonest neurological disease in young people. The disease burden is enormous. But as the medical science is progressing epilepsy is not a stigma anymore. It is curable and it responds very well to drugs. It is like any other disease, which needs timely medication care. Huge numbers of young female have epilepsy. It never makes them different. They are as like as normal girls of their age. Many a times people ask us, can she marry? Epilepsy never makes any girl disqualified for marriage and making family. She needs some medication and family care. And she will be cured after some days. Most of the epileptic disorders are curable.

Now the second question, can she bear a child! The answer is definitely yes. But before planning for a child a neurological consultation from a true neurologist (DM Neurology) is a must. Prepregnancy and early pregnancy, are the most vital time. If she is treated adequately and perfectly in this time nothing will happen to the mother and child. But she must continue the treatment according to advise of neurologist. There are some anti epileptic drugs which have bad effect on the baby. Some drugs can cause serious malformation in the child in form of abnormal development in the nervous system. That’s why it’s a must to pay visit before planning of pregnancy. Many patients come after conception. The thing is when she knows that she is pregnant, already the formation of major part of nervous system is complete. But the side effects of the medicines are so rare that there is high chance, the child might be healthy with better nervous system. So the treatment of epilepsy must continue. I have seen many women stop medication after learning about the side effects of medicine. Keep in mind, it’s a big NO. Because if mother throws seizure by change or stoppage of drug, it is a big danger for the growing child, much much bigger than the side effect of the medication. So no abrupt stoppage or change in medicine even if it is advised by your local doctors. The medicine may have some side effects but it’s too much efficient in controlling the seizure. Visit the neurologist as soon as possible and ask his view. Then plan accordingly. We have seen many cases like that.

Pregnant epileptic mother bears normal child most of the time, if she has adequate treatment of seizures in pregnancy. So never ever stop medication after learning that it is bad for growing baby. If mother will throw seizure it will be much much more dangerous to child than the side effects. And about the child of an epileptic women, it will be another article in Sunday mirror.

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