Many times we come across with similar question from parents. How my child will be intelligent? How he will be efficient to face new challenges in career? How he will have supremacy of memory? Now the question comes is it possible to make someone talented? Now we have to look some Reality of memory. Memory is one of the most complex physiology of human brain. Several parts of memory stored in different parts of brain.

So let’s start from the very beginning of formation of memory areas. The growth of brain is completed in very early age of life. So the breast milk is the best and earliest memory booster. It has high amount of DHA for cerebral growth. It’s well documented that the breastfed baby has average IQ difference of 8 in comparison to non breastfed baby. Commercial DHA is available it can add to better memory development in less than 2 years of age. Second thing is when we use the area of brain responsible for memory formation by certain habits, then it will increase the memory formation. In medical language it’s called increase in cognitive reserve. Complex mathematical works and teaching different language helps in increase in cognitive reserve. It helps in make new connections of brain. New synapses make new memory. So teach the children more mathematics, more complex works, multiple languages, more imaginary works. Tell them stories so that they can imagine the pictures. Teach them rhymes and tell them to memorize. Give constructive positive parenting with good nutrition, it’s the best way to enhance cognitive skills. Always remember those person who use own cognitive reserve more and more they will never have cognitive impairment. Study says doctors and teachers rarely have decrease in memory in comparison to other professionals. Physical exercise also helps in increase blood supply to brain. In other hand stress, less constructive works, violent games, more tv and less imagination reduce the cognitive reserve leading to cerebral atrophy.

So if you want your children to be talented let them imagine and do mathematics and learn new vocabulary and language. Let them draw and read story books. Keep them away from stress and depression. Let them do both physical and mental exercise. Never let them play violent, stressful games. And about health supplements, oral DHA has limited efficacy in less than 2 years.

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