Burning sensation in feet is a very common complaint. It can occur in any age. Sometimes it’s associated with decrease sensation of the feet. Sometimes it’s associated with increase in pain sensation of feet. Sometimes it’s associated with numbness. Sometimes there is mild weakness in the toes. In most of the patients it climbs up in the leg to ankle joint then up towards knee. Sometimes patients complain a feeling of crushed chillies smeared to feet. These symptoms are related to small nerves mostly. They are being destroyed. There are many causes to it. Diabetes is one of the worst offender. Many other causes are there also. But whatever the cause it means very small nerves who are responsible for sensation are dying. Along with it big nerves and nerves who are responsible for muscle movement might be dying too.

If you or anyone of your family faces these symptoms, never neglect. Because in our body only the nerve tissues which are not regenerated newly in large scale like other tissues. If significant numbers of nerves in skin die and they involve long nerves then it will be difficult to regenerate. Consult a true neurologist (DM Neurology) at earliest. Because these diseases are treatable and complete curable in early stage. When long nerves will be involved, it will be too much difficult to salvage. These symptoms might feel non lethal. But they may bring havoc in future. Early and proper diagnosis can cure or prevent it completely. Especially the diabetes patients must be aware and cautious of this. Because excess sugar may destroy the small nerves very early. But proper treatment can prevent significant damage.

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