Many a times we hear that someone telling, suddenly my right hand and leg became weak. Some tell suddenly objects fall from my hands. Many people use medical language and tell my hand became paralysis. These symptoms are seen more in old aged people. Those having hypertension and diabetes are more prone to this. Young people and children might experience these symptoms. But its very rare. Sometimes some people experience only weakness in hand or leg. Sometimes these symptoms go away within some times. In many patients it progresses.

                   Whatever it is, if anyone near you tells that suddenly my hand/leg/ my right side limbs are not working, always think it as an emergency. Never neglect. These are symptoms of stroke. Visit a medicine specialist (MD MEDICINE) or a neurologist (DM NEUROLOGY) as soon as possible. If the weakness is much more than admit him in nearest hospital. Stroke is due to problem in blood vessels in brain. These are very dreadful diseases. Never ever trust upon local quacks. India has maximum patients of stroke. Early treatment can save a precious life.






  1. We do want to listen something relating to medical issues specially wrt diabetes & related deseases on each Sunday . All concerned need be requested to circulate the issues among the vulnerable groups as far as possible. Treat this as a request & not mandate.


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