Every parents complain that my child is too much mischievous. He is not studying. He is not listening to anybody. He is behaving stupid. As he is a child, its age of exploration and curiosity. Being mischievous defines himself. But always there is a limit. Some children are too much inattentive and hyperkinetic. They never sit quiet. They never give response to what they are taught. They run from one place to other. They are never afraid of strangers. They never listen advice of others. He often overlooks or misses details, work is inaccurate, has difficulty remaining focused during lectures, conversations, or lengthy reading, mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of any obvious distraction. Sometimes he is seen to start tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily  sidetracked. Many times he faces difficulty in managing sequential tasks; difficulty keeping materials and belongings in order; messy, disorganized work; has poor time management; fails to meet deadlines. He often leaves his place in the classroom, in the office or other workplace, or in other situations that require remaining in place,often runs about or climbs in situations where it is inappropriate, often talks excessively, often blurts out answers before questions have been completed, often faces difficulty for his turn to come.

                                All these features suggest child is having attention deficit hyper kinetic disorder (ADHD). Its one of the commonest behavioral disorder. Never think the child is mad. Never ever treat him/her like an out casted. He is a special child. He needs special care. Don’t punish him to make things right. This is not inside his control. He needs prolonged treatment. Like all the diseases this is also a disease. With early diagnosis and good management he can be completely normal. If you see these symptoms visit your pediatrician or consultant neurologists. There are several medications for this disease. And response to drugs is good.  Sometimes he/she may need consultation from psychiatrists for behavioral therapy. But never ever think he is mad or a psycho. Always remember these children are special. Take good care………. 


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