‘Activity becoming slow’ is a common problem in older people. Its never a curse, nor an intentional activity to escape from work. Its a common disease which many old people face. In many patients its associated with slow gait, trembling of hand, diminished speed of work etc. Sometimes they have no facial expression, no emotional reaction. As age progresses these problems increase in magnitude. Sometimes they show abnormal behavior, sleep disorders, decrease in memory. 

                                    That is ‘parkinsonism’. Its very common disease in old age. But it is treatable. If someone having these features, in old parents or grand parents, he/she must consult a neurologist (DM Neurology) and take his advice. These are diseases which shows very good improvement with medications. But the diagnosis must be correct and the dose of the drugs must be adequate. The drugs against this disease shows much side effect if dose is not right. But right diagnosis and adequate dose with frequent follow up can do wonders. Even some patients become complete normal. So never ever hide if you or your close ones having slowness of activity. Its never a curse neither an un-treatable condition. Proper diagnosis and treatment in adequate dose can change the life of that person.

#happy parkinson’s awareness month




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