Health for all:Still a dream

                           Health is a basic human right. Everyone has right to be healthy. But after so many years of independence many Indians don’t posses the access to a healthy and disease free life. And here there is a question, why so many Indians are deprived of good health and disease free life? There are many factors associated with it. India is burdened with very high population. There is very little education and awareness about healthy lifestyle. There is very little knowledge about hygiene.  Still now many people believe in pseudo sciences and magical healing. Then comes the policy paralysis of government. Indian governments don’t give health much importance in budget. The village level hospitals are poorly equipped. Referral hospitals are very less in number causing much more crowding. There are less numbers of private partners. And many people cant afford such high cost in private hospitals. Another problem is paucity of doctors. The patient doctor ratio is very high in India. The numbers of specialists or super specialists are even much less. Like these many other problems are there. But what is the solution? What we can do to provide everyone the right of health. Every one has a role to play in it. The first step is awareness. Every educated people must become aware and make others aware about healthy lifestyle, sanitation, hygiene, vaccination, infections, exercise, meditation etc. Every single person must take responsibility. We all must make our circle aware. Let’s fulfill the dream of health for all………

#plead for awareness

#health is wealth

#happy world health day 2019


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