The child is not playing. He is not making friends. He is sitting alone. All these complaints shatter the dream of a healthy child, seen by parents. Many parents think their child has mental retardation. Even some think that their future is doomed. Yes, we are talking about autism. Autism is a much more dreaded term for every family. But in reality these children are never abnormal.  In other ways they are special. They are not same as all other children. But definitely they need special care and teaching. They are no way retarded. They are never a curse to society. They are just different from the common. Their perception to the world is different. They have some problem in the ability to communicate and interact. Sometimes they posses superhuman talent and intelligence. Many great celebrities like Albert Einstein, Michel Angelo were suffering from autistic spectrum disorder in childhood.

                          Suspect autism if your child is having poor interaction, decreased group activities with friends, decreased eye contact. Don’t try to scare him/her by threatening. Don’t use harsh words. Always remember the special child needs special treatment, special care and guidance. Never feel the shame that your child is autistic. Always remember he/she is special and different. Don’t treat by uncertain and unscientific measures. Consult a pediatrician or neurologist, who has well experience in treating autism. Further more the child also needs special sessions of behavioral therapy by psychiatrists. Sometimes he/she needs treatment by group of doctors consisting of above specialists and super specialists. Don’t loose time. Time is very precious. Early intervention can prevent from catastrophic consequences. Beat the stigma. Who knows there might be a future Einstein or Angelo in your child. Only special care and compassion can bring out the hidden superhuman.

#happy world autism day 2019


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