Headache is a very common experience in day to day life. But sometimes it can be dangerous. If you are having headache which is strictly restricted to one half of the head or it is more in the areas near eye or it feels like band like sensation then you should be more cautious about the cause of headache. Several diseases of brain start as headaches. From mild sinusitis to brain tumor, all start with headache. Sometimes headache may be initial manifestation of brain hemorrhage. If headache is associated with loss of vision, double vision, severe head reeling, multiple episodes of vomiting, high grade fever, convulsions, then it might be due to much serious cause. Headache in children is must be dealt with importance. 

                              So don’t take headaches lightly. If there is persistent headache please consult neurologist (DM Neurology) and take his opinion at the soonest. Because some headaches are so much devastating that it can make the person blind, can lead to limb weakness and many more catastrophes . Don’t delay the treatment by opinion of relatives or any friends. Because not all the headaches are for same cause. Some one might have a tension headache where as some one might have a brain tumor with similar complaint. Don’t ever generalize. Experienced neurologists can detect the cause of headache very early. Early diagnosis can save you from dangerous complications. Lead a headache free life.

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