Human knowledge is always finite. There is a definite boundary to our thought, our perception, our psychology, our view. But there are many things which lie out of the boundary of our reasoning capacity. We can push the inquisitiveness inside us towards those unexplainable questions, but still no value, no solution. Sometimes it feels as if we are playing in an arena with invisible spectators. Our field of vision is so limited and confined that we can appreciate neither the micro nor macro earthly things properly. Human psyche matures progressively; still we are neonate to the nature. Still the thought plagues the mind that can we decipher the codes of the nature, our great ancestors, the infinite universe? Ever will we understand our past, the so called history of mankind?…….Whatever we think still we are inside the boundary willing to leap across the fence. But till now the mystery is a mystery and unsolved…..

In the western part of beautiful and naturally illustrious continent of South America lies ancient Peru. Rich in culture heritage and tradition it is one of the most coveted destination for travelers as well as scholars. In the southern part of elevated planes of Peru small dark red surface stones are abundantly seen covering the crust and are made lustrous by the desert winds. The climate of these ‘pampas’ is now extremely dry with occasional rains. In these red, polished lonely deserts lies beautiful immortal signature of ancient history, still mocking the conscience of modern man. Even today, in the twenty first century the great Nazca lines pose as an architectural marvel of the ancient people spreading across miles between the Ingenio and Nazca river valley. This place was inhabited by Nazca People thousands of years back. The desert formed an enormous drawing board for the Nazca upon which they etched huge lines, trapazoids, human and animal figures by removing the dark coloured surface stones and top soil to expose the lighter coloured sand underneath. Even some drawings are of unknown animals, birds, unknown signs. A figure resembles to a standing astronaut. The drawings stretch kilometers and can be seen from high hills and planes. Luckily the drawings are still preserved by the arid Peruvian desert.

Why would these ancient people make drawings so huge that they could not be appreciated from the ground, but only fully from above? Perhaps they were intended for the eyes of the gods, as a sort of offering to them. Some think it to be astronomical alignments of constellations; some think they were made for alien contacts, even some think they were made by extraterrestrials. Few people think the lines to be depiction of underground water bodies. Whatever the depiction is, they are mere hypothesizes. Truth is yet unknown and undiscovered. Still today in this scientific era the great NAZCA LINES of Peru remains a big challenge to our scientific superiority and architectural luster. Were the ancients better than us? Are we evolving positively in the fields of science? Were there any extraterrestrial contact in past? Too much questions and too little answers…..But still the mysterious nature of the mystery prevails…..

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